MRA Youth Wing

Founded in 2016. A retail youth community for those aged 18-45 years old. 


  • To cultivate talent.
  • To contribute to the retail community.
  • To transform the retail industry.
  • To build a value-based organisation.
Core Values
  • To innovate.
  • To have fun at work.
  • To exchange ideas.
  • To actively participate.
  • To assist MRA Council in furtherance of its objectives & activities.
  • To develop a knowledge based youth.
  • To focus on skill development.
  • To create positive changes towards a vibrant retail.
  • To nurture successful young retailers.

Talent Development

Malaysia retail industry in 2017 was worth RM99.8 billion, one of the nation’s major employers, employing close to 1.2 million persons in 240,000 retail outlets nationwide.

Whether you are an employer wanting to post a job and search for resume or you are a student looking for an internship or a job seeker searching for dream jobs, look no further – this is the platform to help you along for whichever retail path you are on.


Post vacancies, manage applications, review resumes and find qualified candidates.

Job Seekers

Opportunity for you to view and apply for job and get job offer.